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Interesting idea! But the stiffness may decrease. Alex 20.10.2020 17:33:44
Here is the final version using a central 250mm x 120 mm new plate. You can see the older little one on the right side of the cnc.. The x-y max ranges are now 220 mm for x axis and 148 mm for y axis. Everything super stiff. I have four 3d printed supports for the plate, done with 2x2060 extrusion bars of 250mm lenght each. Time to move on new z castle and motor :-) kkprince 07.11.2020 18:21:37
I've made some real progress and upgrades on my 1310 including ball screaws, servos, solid bed, and epoxy granite infill we have a 1310 group on facebook do a search for ...desktop cnc 1310.... on facebook please join and share with the group chris_w 18.04.2021 18:43:26
cnc Bed and chattter killer chris_w 18.04.2021 18:44:13
Epoxy granite infill and lead shot and silicone fill chris_w 18.04.2021 18:59:13
Ball Screw upgrade X Y Z chris_w 18.04.2021 19:06:54
How has the performance of the machine improved after using polymer granite? I have seen many examples of making the support units of a machine tool from polymer granite. This has a good reason: granite is strong, tough, heavy, and not subject to thermal expansion. Alex 20.04.2021 14:33:51
I think there is more reason to make the table heavier. Because it resists vibration during milling. Alex 20.04.2021 14:34:14
I was planning to install a ball screw too. I even noted it on the seller's website: But I read many comments that Chinese ball screws do not offer advantages over trapezoidal screws. At least for low loads. They also have backlash. What advantages did you see? Alex 20.04.2021 14:33:29
Hi Chris! Interesting upgrades! I deleted my Facebook account because it takes a lot of time :) But apparently I'll open it again. Alex 20.04.2021 14:33:00
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