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Hi, kkprince! I saw a lot of vendors, who supplying custom cutting services. On request, they can make the threads M5 in the ends. For example, I ordered this: at the supplier "Huijuan mei's store" Alex 04.02.2019 8:51:18
HI Alex, no replies till now from Your AliExpress shop. Maybe is the chinese new year matter. I'd like to know where You found the 20x120x150 profile.... I can only find 2080 profiles or max 20100. Maybe is better to buy two 2080 an join them together somehow. For redesign the Z Axe here is my plan: I'd like a roger go for proceed. :-) 0)The key idea is to replicate the X move frame (rotate 90 degrees) creating with the CNC two small plates (8mm max, no 1 cm) joint together by a 2040 profile of 80-90-100 cm lengh. 1) Ths can be done re-using the 2 shaft and the 4 bearings or not.... 2) My intention is to enlight the too heavy structure using 4 new 10mm bearing and related shafts. In any case the concept is the one in the picture. (I used the original x support frame as Mockup of the thing I need to build). 3) The interposition of the profile will offer a more universal backbone for mounting the motor adapters that usually have a vertical offset of the screws of 2 mm . Due to the 4 cm thickness of the profile the travel of the z axe will be reduce a bit but this can be compensate enlonging the 2 Shaft. What do You think ? Can I proceed ? Or Can I proceed but keeping the original 12mm shafts & Bearings ? Also confirm the ofset of z axis shaft is exactly 58mm. :-) kkprince 04.02.2019 15:39:22
Hi! I'm sorry, but I did not find the profile 20x120x150. Only 20x100x150. You're right! But this is not a critical issue, because the table does not have to exactly match the size of the stock. The stock can be larger than the table. The stock can be attached to an additional "sacrificial table". 1. I was a project manager, and I used to work like this: Formulate the problem. For example, "what specific functions of the machine cannot be performed due to the weight of the detail?" 2. I installed a spindle weighing 1 kg on the machine. And "Houston! We have no problems!" :) 3. 10 mm linear rails are more capable of deformation and have backlash. It is harmful for milling metals. Alex 04.02.2019 16:31:48
I was a Project Director in a SW company.... and I was used to listen my PMs ..... :-) Now I'm nothing. So I I think You are right.. let's keep the original structure. I will only redo the things keeping the 12mm size. But the geometry of the Z axis with the 2 opposite bearing so close facing each other... is poor... better to add a cm distance and maybe raising the entire structure using only the 3 out of six bolts per sides...... earnng two cm of ... altitude :-) I will cnc a test on couple of pieces of sample wood , just to see the overall effect.... and post a picture. Thanks! Cheers KK kkprince 04.02.2019 17:42:24
Also there is a lot of the suppliers offering custom cutting of aluminum profiles. So you can order profiles length not of 300 mm but 296 mm. It is also possible to order tapping M5 thread in the ends of these profiles. But it is necessary to know that profiles happen different types. Profiles with an opening of 4.2 mm are suitable for tapping M5 thread. Alex 04.02.2019 9:24:09
I want to increase the size of the working space also and need a longer lead screw. I now it is a T8 lead screw, I,am not sure about the pitch and the lead . I think it has a pitch of 2 mm and a lead of 4 mm ? Can somebody confirm that it is the right size , before I order a new one! Grabcatt 20.03.2019 0:46:56
Hi, Grabcatt! It is important to report that the movement is 4 mm per revolution. (As in the second figure). Summary: pitch = 2 mm; lead = 4 mm But you must be prepared for the fact that suppliers do not have a SM with a leadscrew of 340 mm :( Alex 20.03.2019 18:12:56
Почему стол взяли 20х100х150, а не добавили 20х80х150 (как у японца в модернизации)? gnch 09.03.2019 16:43:25
Не захотел вносить лишнее сочленение, которое могло бы ухудшить жесткость, надежность и геометрическую точность конструкции. Кроме того, иногда я имею необходимость обрабатывать заготовки, не помещающиеся на стол и их части приходится свешивать вниз (уголки, например). Так что лично меня такой компромисс устраивает. Но я не настаиваю на исключительности такого решения. Alex 09.03.2019 18:25:27
Working on this setup , with 3d printed extensions... I'm waiting for 2 250mm long 2080 extrusions for update the plate... kkprince 20.10.2020 14:57:22
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