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Hi alex, I just finished mounting my CNC1419, and I don't have 12V on the "laser" connectors to power my cooling fan. I can get this voltage when I use laser engraving software. Do you have any idea how to force 12V all the time? ppopol 04.07.2020 11:43:36
Hi! I don’t know which arduino shield is in your kit. In my shield there is a laser connector with two pins. There is also a three-pin connector (green at the bottom of the picture). It has +12 volts constantly. alex 06.07.2020 19:38:32
Oui, j'ai le meme circuit electronique ( a peu pres ) que toi, avec les connecteurs 2 pin et 3 pin pour les laser, mais le 12V n'est pas toujours present ? Je suppose que c'est une commande GRBL a envoyer pour recevoir ce 12V. Je vais chercher. Merci pour ta reponse. ppopol 07.07.2020 9:36:34
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