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Hi, Troy! Fusion 360 Alex 25.07.2020 17:07:41
Ok thanks. One more thng could you share your GRBL $$ settings please troy 14.08.2020 3:31:48 Alex 15.08.2020 21:55:43
Hello Alex, Thank you very much for the wonderful work you've done ! I've just acquired a CNC1310 machine and I've downloaded GrlbGnu and your CNC1310 model for this machine. Seems really great ! However I do not manage to make the spindle motor rotate. I created a job with drilling 2mm tool and I set up the spindle rotation speed to 500 rpm. The machine moves correctly in X,Y and Z axis but the spindle doesn't rotate, neither in the machine nor in the simulation. Is there something to set up in Grlb to make it rotate correctly? Or do you think my spindle motor is deficient? I have no way to test it separately... Thank you for your work and your help ! Aurelien Mozzaurel 15.12.2018 16:14:48
Hi, Aurelien! 1. Thanks for the nice feedback :) 2. The simulation in GrblGru does not show a spindle rotation. 3. 500 rpm is a very low speed. Normal speed is 9000 rpm (maybe this is the reason?). 4. Spindle speed control is different for Grbl versions 0.9 and 1.1 (read the Grbl documentation) 5. There is an easy way to check the health of the standard CNC1310 spindle: connect its pads directly to a 12 - 24 V power supply. Regards, Alex. Alex 15.12.2018 18:35:23
Ok thanks, it's been helpful! The pb comes indeed from GRBL version, I guess. I found a way to make it work : generate gcode with GrblGnu and then manually add "M3 S5000" in the code and then send it to the machine with another software (universal gcode sender) (doesn't work with GrblGnu) Is there a way to change the Grbl version used in GrblGnu? PS: I'm not sure this is the right place to post my question. Do not hesitate to tell me if it's not! Thx again! Aurelien Mozzaurel 16.12.2018 11:36:54
Hi! On this site you can ask any questions. Especially, important for everyone. Otherwise, you can write to me: I suggest questions about GrbleGru ask the author of this wonderful program: You can read about Grbl settings and updates at For example, in version 0.9, the spindle speed is given by the number 0 - 1000. And in version 1.1, - it is the real rpm (if the spindle limits was set in advance). Alex 16.12.2018 12:22:23
Привет, Alex. Пытался установить ваши stl файлы как новую модель чпу в GrblGru V3.33, программа вылетает. Stl файлы брал из вашего поста в . Может быть посоветуете что нибудь. mak_cnc 17.01.2019 15:01:41
Рекомендую программу Candle, очень простая в понимании и использовании, имеет достаточный набор инструментов, бесплатная. Не требует установки. Vladimir 28.01.2019 14:42:26
У меня Candle аварийно вылетала и не отображала графику. Возможно из-за того, что для управления станком я выделил компьютер со слабой видеокартой. Может какой-то OpenGL устаревший. Но для меня плохой знак, когда ПО так себя ведет :( А у Вас какая версия? На какой ОС? Alex 28.01.2019 22:56:28
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