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"Это Китай, детка!" :/ У меня поначалу был скрежет при движении. Я что только не делал - менял подшипники местами, ослаблял и снова затягивал болты, вращал валы... Скрежет прошел, но на валах до сих пор образуются борозды в местах контакта шариков. "Цементированная сталь"? Ага!.. Но худшее, что есть в кинематике - безлюфтовые гайки! Они люфтили уже чуть ли не на миллиметр. Их слабенькая пружинка не способна ничего исправить! Я купил себе другие, посмотрю, может будут вести себя чуть лучше: Alex 20.01.2019 21:17:06
This machine is really a good baseline .... but lot of mods are possible. 1) Electronic card need to nave the power button BYPASSED... 2) Arduino nano clone is a piece of SHIT. It continuously reset himeself. Replaced with a good clone and now cnc can run for days without issues. 3) Probably the 2mm pitch with 2 start i.e. 4mm lead i.e. 4mm per turn is too much for a cnc and a 2mm 1 start trapezoidal lead screew is to be preferred.... but even with this config the machine is very precise if you setup properly the backslash solution provided. See photo. 4) the z axis castle is WAY TOO HEAVY. I will replace the 12 mm shaft plus the 4 linear bearings with 10mm components and also the motor support need a rework to be more universal... kkprince 03.02.2019 19:42:08
Hi, kkprince! Really beautiful product on your picture! 1. I agree with you about the button! 2. But my arduino shield has no incidents for a year. Your problem may be related to electrical interference. Put a 0.01µF capacitor parallel to the spindle and extend its wires through the ferrite ring. 3. The accuracy of the machine is 1/400 mm per step. Is this not enough? :-) This is significantly less than the backlash in the kinematic details. 4. Please, publish the results! It is very interesting! Alex 04.02.2019 18:04:51
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