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Hi! Yes. You can connect 2 sensors in parallel. The output stage of the sensor is of the common collector type. BUT! You don't have to put 2 sensors on each axis. You can mount one sensor, but 2 magnets :) Alex 04.06.2020 17:38:34
Hi Alex, Thank you for this quick response. By cons, I do not understand how to mount a single detector, because I will not stop the machine at the end of the 2 ends. I have the thickness of the head support and let's not talk about the total length of the Y axis. If you can explain a little more, I would be even more grateful. Regards ppopol 04.06.2020 18:23:15
In order to use 1 sensor, you need to mount it on a moving part. And place the magnets at the opposite ends of the fixed part. For example, for the X axis, I placed the sensor on the carriage, and the magnets on the transverse profile. Alex 04.06.2020 20:04:44
View from above Alex 04.06.2020 20:07:02
And remember: this sensor is sensitive not to the magnetic field, but to a change in the polarity of the magnetic field. Therefore, the location should be as in the picture. In this example, the sensor should move left or right relative to the magnet, rather than approaching or moving away. Alex 04.06.2020 20:12:48
Hi Alex, I understand better now. Thank you for this additional information. I will carry out the modification, but I do not know yet if I will place a sensor or 2 sensors. In the case of a sensor, I lose a little displacement, in X this could be critical. Thanks again for your help. ppopol 05.06.2020 9:44:58
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