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Hi Alex, I now got the spindle to start and stop using 5v from a laser port on the GRBL broad connect to pin 3 on the BLDC-DZZ. But I still can't get the PWM to control the speed via CNC. Thanks for your help. troy 05.09.2020 17:00:29
Thank you for your website. I have a 1310 cnc and I want ro change the spindle for a better one. I think I have to buy this,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ I only have 220V and no transformer. I think I can have a cheaper alimentation then wich is selling with the spindle? What do you think? Thank you very much David Bumby 18.05.2020 22:23:38
В комплекте со шпинделем LD42WS-250W, как правило, продается довольно дорогой BLDC-контроллер. Однако вовсе не обязательно покупать именно его. Спасибо за идею пользователю Pens - можно купить бескорпусной контроллер типа и он справится не хуже. Схема подключения рабочая, несмотря на некоторое несоответствие с мануалом. Alex 19.05.2020 19:18:21
Ok merci. Est ce que vous pensez qu'avec cette broche il y a une reelle augmentation de la qualite d'usinage par rapport a la broche d'origine ? Que pensez-vous ? Bumby 20.05.2020 11:51:26
Hi, can the LD42WS-250W spindle mill aluminium and brass ok? troy 31.07.2020 17:29:37
Hi Alex, Thank you for starting this site. It is very useful. I hope that I can contribute. I am having good success with the standard CNC3010 setup however I have now purchased the SR4225-B24. I have contacted a couple of machine shops to manufacture a spindle clamp bracket similar to the one you made. Would you be interested in sharing your design for the bracket? I cut this Celtic knot out of a piece of solid brass from a 3D grey scale image as an experiment. The depth of the knot is 2.0mm in 0.20mm steps at 12000rpm. There was some vibration due to rigidity of the 5mm spindle shaft so I had to run a 40mm/m. Looking forwards to mounting my upgraded motor RobertTBob 31.10.2020 7:47:52
Hi! Thanks! I liked your work! I enjoyed watching your videos on YouTube. I have a suggestion to shoot horizontally. In this case, more usable area is placed in the frame. I can easily share the design of the bracket: Alex 04.11.2020 21:49:44
Thank you for the comments and advice. I have a dedicated camera that I will try rather than my phone. This I can video from the front as you suggested. Thank you for sharing the file for the bracket RobertTBob 12.11.2020 7:42:04
Hi Alex, I have found a company to machine the motor clamp. Thank you for the .STL file. For the bottom plate that the 775 motor bolted to, did you machine out the plate to 42mm so that the motor body passes through it? or did you machine a new plate? RobertTBob 24.11.2020 2:18:21
Hi! Yes, I cut a hole in an existing plate. For this I made a temporary fiberglass plate. Do you need her model? Alex 24.11.2020 6:59:40
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